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Raby Bay photographer


Met this beautiful family the other week and photographed them down near the Raby Bay beaches in Ormiston. 

The sun was just setting so the light was beautiful and still strong enough to get catchlights oi the children’s sparkly little eyes. Mum is a beauty therapist in Ormiston with a business called ‘Smart Beauty’ I definitely recommend checking them out they often run specials and promotions and the massage studio setup at the back is just divine, it’s a little tranquil place of relaxation and calm. 

Photography in the Redlands is easy we are so spoilt for choice when it comes to great places to photograph. So whether you are after family portraits, newborn portraits or website and corporate photo sessions we know that we don’t have to go far from our own backyard to find some simply amazing photo locations here in the bayside. 

Website and Corporate Photographer Redlands

Corporate and website photographer Redlands


When in business it’s really important to make sure that you have professional looking images on your website and on your business cards. But, what if you are just starting out, what if you only have social media profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn? Then having professional corporate and website photos is a MUST, it’s the first impression you give people that matters….hopefully it’s in person but more often than not, they may have found you online. 

It’s important to look profession because people are going to spend all of about 6 seconds deciding whether they are going to do business with you or not. If you can’t afford to look professional and have your business represented by professional images then you instantly lose credibility in the eyes of your clients and customers. they start wondering….

Is it a professional establishment?

Are these guys good at their job?

It looks like a backyard home hair salon. counsellor, trademan….etc

lots of businesses go to so much effort making an amazing at home business then don’t showcase how professional it actually is….do yourself and your business a favour and have professional photos taken, showcase your unreal business online and get more clients through the door.

We get asked to do loads and loads of basic corporate shots in and around the Redlands and Bayside Brisbane, here’s why.

  1. Usually have your images back in 2-3 business days for groups
  2. Headshots have images back in 1 business day
  3. We come to your home or office
  4. You only pay for what you need
  5. All editing is done in-house and you can have your images cropped to a specific size for your website developer
  6. We are local and so are you
  7. Trusted by many big name companies – Bendigo Bank, Robins Accountants, Queensland Home Rentals, Raywhite, Re/Max etc

Corporate photography in the Redlands doesn’t need to be a pain, we have a studio in Cleveland that is open by appointment or we can save you the time and energy by coming out to your workplace. Don’t have enough light? we have a full mobile studio ready to be setup at a moments notice. If you need Website or corporate photos taken in a hurry give us a call on 0403 547 675 and we will try and get you in ASAP.



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Here are some natural light portraits taken in an overgrown field, this field was right next to a main road…it just shows that beautiful photos can be taken anywhere if you know what to look for.

Whether it be in your backyard, a park, or on the side of the road look for beautiful light and non-distracting backgrounds. Golden hour is an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise. Go chase the magic!

Cleveland photographer

Cleveland Photographer

Cleveland Photographer


Head wear for portraits | Redlands Photographer

Bambino logo

At the studio, we are NEVER short of head wear for our newborn and children sessions. I am often asked where I get my beautiful bows, top-knots and headbands from so I thought I would let you all in on my little secret…Bambino Designs!

This little gem of a business was founded on Facebook and has quickly become a one stop shop for headbands, clips, bows, top-knots, bloomers and a range of other baby goods. They cater from newborn – 6yrs but I find some of the styles would be perfect for adults too especially when you just want something to keep your hair back. My two girls love the top-knot style headbands because it’s almost the ONLY way of keeping their hair back out of their faces and having a comfy fitting helmet at the same time. Gone are the days of tears and ponytails digging into the back of heads before we can even leave the driveway, lol.

One of the best things about the range is that they are completely child friendly, no complaints of itching, hurting, digging in or heaviness (important for babies) they are so comfortable to wear.

Here is an example of some of their ‘Top-Knot’ range,  the colour combinations and patterns are endless. If you have a particular colour your after the owner Laura will only be too happy to help.

'Top Knots' by Bambino Designs

‘Top Knots’ by Bambino Designs


Redlands Photographer

Simply Me Photography | Brisbane photographer | Cleveland Photographer | Redlands Photographer

To purchase any of these beautiful headbands and bows for your newborn or children’s upcoming session please see the wonderful lady at Bambino Designs, I have linked her page at the bottom of this post. If you come in to the studio I have plenty of stock for you to have a look at…I dare you not to fall in love.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BambinoHairDesigns?ref=ts&fref=ts

Website: http://www.bambinodesigns.bigcartel.com


Brisbane Photographer tells you why cheapest is not the best | FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get when comparing our service to others.

What makes your pricing competitive?

When looking for a photographer I can only give one bit of advice…don’t go for the cheapest!!! Photographers like all professionals know what they are worth and know the value of their work. Your photographs are an investment and will hopefully reflect you as a family.

If your photographer is offering free sessions and all photos on disk for under $200 that’s because they are only worth less than $200. STEER CLEAR!!!

At Simply Me Photography your family is important and we understand the desire for beautiful family photos at an affordable price. YES, we charge a session fee….because we value the work we deliver to you as the client. However, we do not compromise on quality and you can clearly see the pride we take in our work.

How do you normally charge for your sessions?

I charge a session fee of $150 for 1-1.5hrs depending on location and style. You will have an online secure gallery to view your photos in the privacy of your home and 10 days to order any photos you wish to purchase.  I have a strict no pressure sales policy, only buy what you love. You don’t not need convincing of which photographs to buy, your photographs should always give you joy and pleasure to view them around your house or up on the wall.

Why should we choose you over the cheaper one down the road?

Quite simply, your photos are made with love and care like they were being done for my own home. They aren’t rushed the editing is beautiful and you will be truly happy with your investment.

#1 Do you have any specials going at the moment?

– 45 minute mini session for up to 5 people
– 5 high resolution images on disk chosen from your gallery
– Online gallery available for 10 days

offer available for first time clients only and price is per family up to 5 people (additional people are charged at $25each)